Artful in Our Approach

The Power of Interaction

At Chalk + Chisel, we devise, design and develop well-crafted digital products to help our clients create authentic experiences. We believe that digital products—from the personal experience of an app, to the shared experience of a live event—are the foundation for connecting brands to their audience.

Read more about our approach in our CEO Ben Slavin's latest blog post.

The success of experience-focused products is contingent on everyone sharing an understanding of users and a vision for the experience.
Peter Merholz

A Harmony of Insight

The beauty of our approach is that it comes from people, not a process. Our process guides us, but the combined efforts of strategists, designers and developers gives us the confidence to make the decisions that are right for the user and the product. Our engineers work as peers with our strategists and creatives—each approach their craft with care and strive for perfection. We care deeply about the work we produce, and create work that is sustainably relevant and authentic.

Our Account Strategy team frames our understanding of client problems, articulating the goals we pursue and the strategies that will guide us. Our Creative team leads our exploration of solutions, materializing the vision we'll pursue. Our Interactive team breathes life into the designed product, and is responsible for realizing the vision. Together, we pursue a process of iteration. We learn from our work, hone our approach, and refine products to ensure they continue to inspire.